Chesterfield Towing Services

Few things in life can put a damper on your day quite like having your car die on the side of the road. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, but fortunately, Tri-Action Auto has a solution to get your misbehaving vehicle in for auto repair. We offer a towing service in Chesterfield and Macomb Townships that will deliver your car directly to our expert auto mechanics. Or if you’ve been involved in an accident, we provide towing services to any number of auto body shops in the Chesterfield and Macomb Township area.

Safe, reliable and fast towing is just one of the services we and our auto mechanics offer at Tri-Action Auto. But it’s an important one. There’s nothing worse than being stuck when you’re in the middle of a busy day — or worse, in the middle of the night on a lonely Chesterfield and Macomb Township highway.

At Tri-Action Auto, our number-one priority is your safety, and our towing services and tow truck operators are dedicated to bringing your car and you to a safe place as quickly as possible. And when you arrive at Tri-Action Auto, while our auto mechanics diagnose the problem, you’ll find a warm, clean and friendly waiting room where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while hooking up to our free WiFi. There are restaurants and a shopping center nearby as well. If our auto mechanics need more time, we’ll be happy to take you wherever you need to go in the Chesterfield and Macomb Township area. Or, if you prefer, we have an arrangement with Enterprise for a reduced rate of $25 per day for a car rental.

If you find yourself in need of towing services, call (586) 522-4026. Tri-Action Auto is located at 50002 Gratiot Avenue, Chesterfield, MI 48051.

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