Cooling System Service

Your engine’s cooling system components are very important when it comes to avoiding overheating and damage to your engine. Your vehicle’s cooling system is what controls the heat that is generated from your engine. When the heat is left uncontrolled, damage can occur to engine parts and cause your engine to overheat, causing your vehicle to stop running.

Your cooling system should be inspected at least once a year. We are the experts in Chesterfield cooling system service. Our ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s coolant volume as well as other various parts of your engine.

Our Napa AutoCare Center uses only the best coolant system cleaning and coolant products by BG in our cooling system services.

Our services include:

  • Coolant Flush/Fill
  • Fluid Exchange
  • Coolant System Repairs

Fuel System Service

Maintaining your engine will help you avoid costly repairs in the future. The filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors are all parts of your vehicle’s engine that can become clogged and dirty. Our Napa AutoCare Center is the honest shop when it comes to Chesterfield fuel system service. We provide quick and cost-effective fuel system cleaning and repair services and use the best fuel system products available made by BG.

We recommended getting your fuel system cleaned and inspected annually to avoid engine damage.

Our services include:

  • Air Induction Service
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning
  • Fuel System Cleaning

Our shop offers 3 year/36K mile warranty on our services. We take pride in the quality of our services and the honesty of our prices. We also offer free shuttle service so that you can go about your day while your vehicle is being serviced.

To visit our shop for a coolant and fuel system inspection, call us today or make an appointment online.